Impact Protection

Impact Gloves
Impact Gloves
Anti Impact Gloves: Exploring Materials, Technologies, and D30 Specific Gloves
Everything You Need to Know About The New ANSI ISEA 138 Impact Protection Standard
Everything You Need to Know About The New ANSI ISEA 138 Impact Protection Standard

Impact Hazards You Might Recognize

Oil Rig Worker with D3O Gloves
  • Struck-by by objects in motion, whether moving, swinging, flying, or falling
  • Repair and Demolition work
  • Construction site and rig site clearing
  • Use of mobile equipment
  • Heavy material handling and heavy loads being moved
  • Falling overhead objects and falling unsecure materials
  • Connections breaking free from high pressure lines
  • Working with heavy spinning chains, heavy pipes and overall heavy equipment
  • Improper use of tools that are loose and cracked, eventually breaking apart
  • Working in close quarters, where pinch points are common

You must understand that these hazards are real and are a serious threat to one’s safety. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that 76% of hand injuries occur due to cuts and crushes. An individual or company should not choose a protective glove entirely around the unit cost. Instead, they need to take into the account the physical hazards workers face.

Up until 2008, there were very few impact gloves available, which meant workers could only choose general-purpose gloves for extremely hazardous working conditions. Fortunately though, times are a changing and industries are catching on. More options are available to workers and innovation is driving many new impact gloves. We encourage you to read our most recent blog, which discusses more of the reasons behind Industry acceptance of impact gloves:

"Common Crush and Pin Point Hazards"


New Impact Protection Standard

The next chapter of back-of-hand protection is here.  The new ANSI/ISEA 138 will go live in early March.  Industry standards for impact resistance will ensure back-of-hand performance measures are met and workers are better protected.  Are you familiar with the new standard?  Well, we’ve created an entire blog on the subject, ensuring you have all the information required.  Just click the below image to learn more.


ANSI 138 for Blog

To help you find product matching up to the new Impact performance levels, we’ve created a brand new selection tool found below.




Click on the colored bar and see all newbb电子平台 Safety solutions for each ANSI Impact Level

Extreme Impact Hazards


Back of Hand Protection Timeline

Before you head off into our individual technology feature pages, we thought it would be helpful taking a look at where we’ve been the past 10 years. This will help you best understand our most recent back-of-hand protection made with D3O® technology.

newbb电子平台 Safety 2009 OHS Award
newbb电子平台 HV Awards
newbb电子平台 Safety 2011 OHS Award

2008 - 2012

The ForceFlex HV100 and HV200 offered a revolutionary design the Oil Industry embraced. The ZB100 and HV200 were awarded new product of the year in 2009 and 2011, shown above!

newbb电子平台 Safety Force Flex TPR

2013 - 2016

Tire Tread design offering the most comprehensive coverage in the industry.

newbb电子平台 Safety Predator TPR

2016 - 2018

The PD2906 offers greater TPR Tire Tread Flexibility. Check out our TPR feature page for more information.

newbb电子平台 Safety Predator New TPR


Rolling TPR Design

newbb电子平台 Safety New TPR

D3O® Impact Protection - Most innovative impact protection glove ever introduced, with unmatched performance levels. With D3O® impact protection, the wearer’s finger is protected with greater impact protection compared to TPR. Check out our feature page on D3O® to know more.


We’ve come a long way from the days of workers only wearing cotton and leather gloves. In only 10 years, we have introduced five revolutionary new impact glove designs. Across this timespan, we have designed some award winning gloves and protected countless workers from struck-by hazards. Rest assured, for years to come, newbb电子平台 Safety will be doing everything we can to lower the total number of crush and cut injuries. We will be innovating and creating the best impact protection gloves workers demand! WE PROTECT PEOPLE!

Additional Information about Impact Protection

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